About Us

Shopy Panda allows small business owners to sell their high-quality products easily and affordably to the best customers. Customers at Shopy Panda can shop from the comfort of their own home while being assured they are getting items they want and need at the best price, the quality of the items is guaranteed, and the delivery is fast and friendly through Aramex Logistics.
Because businesses can sell just about anything they offer and customers can come to buy just about anything they need or want, Shopy Panda is a one-stop ecommerce destination that makes online shopping easy for everyone involved. You will find everything from books to children’s toys and from spices to exclusive clothing items here at Shopy Panda.

The site caters to the small businesses that sell here by not being a “money making” ecommerce platform, but instead wanting only to connect those small businesses with the customers they need and that need them. Commerce, even when conducted online, keeps business owners and their employees feeding their families and makes sure their customers have the products they need. Shopy Panda is an online platform that ensures online commerce benefits all.